2018 Election: Interview with Denys Tezdzhanenko

The Pavlovian Pravda has decided to host a pair of interviews with the two candidates of the upcoming presidential election to help citizens of Pavlov make their final decision on election day. The first interview is with former Tsar and Grand Prince of all-Pavlov and the presidential candidate for Batkivshchyna, Denys Feofanovič Tezdzhanenko (formerly known as His Majesty Alexander Feofanovič Groznookov).

Interview with Denys Feofanovič Tezdzhanenko

Q: It is an honour to meet you Mr Tezdzhanenko, thank you for taking your time to take part in this interview. First of all, why did you, as abdicate from the throne and allow constitutional change?
A: We must be realistic, in order for Pavlov to succceed as a micronation it needs to be marketed. When you go outside and tell someone about a socio-political project they may be interested, when you tell them you are the President this is defendable, but as an Monarch you will be mocked. This is the main reason for me to accept a constitutional change, and because I belief this will benefit Pavlov greatly.
Q: What made you decide to run within the election?
A: I still think I’m as the founder, best able to run this project, and also since we are still in a transitional fase, I must make sure we wont return back to a dictatorship.
Q: Would you tell us about your policy proposals and why Pavlovians should support them?
A: I will make sure Pavlov will not be harmed by the “intermicronational rights police” or other foreign groups trying to undermine our control. For the rest my policies will be that of stability and foremost listening to what the citizens want instead of pushing personal agendas. I believe anyone making election promises are simply lying to the electorate to secure their vote.
Q: Who do you planned to include within your government if you are elected?
A: I can not yet disclose this information.
Q: Tell us about your new political party known as Batkivshchyna?
A: Batkivshchyna – or Fatherland in English, is a party supporting Pavlovian traditional values, more of it can be seen during the campaign of me and Drakonov.
Q: What do you think of Pavlov’s recent constitutional change?
A: Since I was a part of the commision writing it, I support it.
Q: Thank you for your time Mr Tezdzhanenko, good luck with your electoral campaign.


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