Prince Deniz: I see a dark cloud above the community

Following the another uprise of issues of racism and xenophobia within the community, the Prime Minister of Lostisland and Prince of Pavlov Deniz kindly agreed to give an exclusive interview to the Pavlovian Pravda correspondent, talking about his opinion on such issues and the potential measures to be taken by the Federal Republic.

PP: Excellency, for the last months, the micronational community is being repeatedly shaken by scandals around the issues of supposed racism and xenophobia – scandals, some of which have grown into full-scaled international conflicts. Could you please comment on them?

Deniz : I see it as as a dark cloud above the community, it brings only further unnecesarry and endless discussion which ussually just ends with mud-throwing. It keeps us away from the real bussiness which is of course running our nations, most of us claim not to make the same error “traditional” countries make, but I see this as that.

PP: Talking abour running nations, do you believe the problem with racism exists in Lostisland, and if yes, is there possibility to solve it?

Deniz: Luckily, racism does not exist in Lostisland, but we have a sort of language struggle between the “old guard of Lostisland” and the newer Lostislandians, though I don’t see this issue solved easily.

PP: What about the foreign politics of Lostisland, have there been any issues with racism against Lostisland of foreign entities?

Deniz: Until very lately no, but suddenly a couple of days ago there was a racist comment popping up from an unexpected corner, the King of Juclandia made a comment about Russians gonna russian, Turks gonna turk”. I was shocked by his comment seeing him as one of the main people fighting against racism himself, but this apparently appears only to be so when one makes a racial-related comment to him. Then when we shared this news with the person most active in the fight against racism (William Soergel – PP) he said it was nothing. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree on the fact that both the King of Juclandia and the Sôgmô of Sandus only ‘fight’ racism when it’s in their own interest – when it’s useful for them, they embrace it. This fact hurts me deeply as I would not expect said actions from such honorable micronationalists.

PP: A regrettable fact indeed, given that the King of Juclandia and the Sôgmô of Sandus, who repeatedly condemn the supposed racism of Wyvern, are the last persons one could expect to tolerate racism. On this matter, does the Federal Republic plan to take any official measures?

Deniz: Yes. I’ll try and get a law approved by the Acting Government regarding foreign policy to such countries, as it is in our best interest to keep far away from them. Unfortunately, I can’t tell more at this stage, but I’ll come back about this subject at a later time.

PP: Thank you for clarifying this, now one more question – coincidentially, just one day after the said comment of the Juclandian King had been published, it was announced that Juclandia and Sandus will enter into mediation talks with Wyvern on subject of racism, what is your opinion on this move?

Deniz: I guess there”ll be a lot of mud-throwing and will only go about “bad” things Wyvern has done. But I hope they prove me wrong.

PP: Thank you for the interview!

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5 thoughts on “Prince Deniz: I see a dark cloud above the community

    • While the opinion of people we interview may not be similar to the one of the Editorial, we dare say that generalizing people on the basement on their ethnicity, especially in a negative way, remains racist irrespectively of the context, however since it was made publicly everyone may look at it in MicroGroup, where it still appears.

      • The “negative way” is inferred. Once I had read the same comment, it seemed to be a reference of the fact of the discussion of Russian and Turkish translations and legislatures in the same conversation. It did not seem to negatively provide any sort of stereotype. Whilst Sandus has privately expressed concern for the comments, no public condemnation was necessary; instead, the Office of the Sôgmô spoke to both Mssrs. Ciprian and Mar on this topic and, to both, the Office considered both sides as unnecessarily causing aggression towards each other.

        Furthermore, Sandus has been consistent in its rejection of ethnic and racial stereotypes and of all racist slurs. Even though we did not consider the statement to be especially derogatory, we still asked King Ciprian to be mindful of the offence it had caused. To defame the State of Sandus by saying it “only ‘fight’ racism when it’s in their own interest” is both politically charged and inaccurate.

  1. Mr. Soergel, it’s not my duty to justify statements made by other person, but I certainly can see why Deniz feels offended by Ciprian’s comment. The malicious intention of it is obvious, especially in conjunction with calling us “arrogant pricks”.

    As of the assumption regarding Sandus – I don’t want to discuss its accuracy, but the fact remains that similar or even lighter than this one statements receive much stronger condemnation from Sandus when they are coming from Wyvern or Sirocco. No doubt, Sandus is free to condemn or not condemn whoever she wishes to, but based on this example, one could say that such a reaction depends on whom each specific statement is made by.

  2. Not saying mr. Will is a racist. He had been nice to me always… on cip… I tell you, he is a liar and hypocrite commie. If you say “Guy who behead soldier was Muslim.” it is outrageous and racist to him. But when you say “Israel sucks, Jews are evil bastards.” he would rejoice on comment. He is no anti racist or ‘racist’ he is what he is been programmed by commie propaganda mostly done by pro Stalin faction. Stalin was against Jews, Gypsies, Chinese, Indians, ‘white pride’, etc. and these qualities were transferred into brainwashed commies all over the world. Not saying he is Stalinist, but propaganda have given this quality. Believing anybody who say viva la revolution and pick up guns and massacre countless is all-right. Once he said rubbish in Roma people. Then said good idea to reduce world population is to kill all Chinese, Indians and Africans. Speak and claim against once’s country (mine) and try to glorify some romanticized ‘western world’ while forgets that arabic translation of sanskrit text made technological advancement in maths and science possible in renaissance while they highly supplemented ancient latin and greek text in philosophy. All in all he is a little racist scum.

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