Prince of Pavlov asserts the Throne of Gastón

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 9 – in an article published in the Central de Noticias de Gastón (Gastón News Centre) it was confirmed that Deniz, the incumbent Prince of Pavlov and Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Lostisland, asserts the Throne of Gastón following an official invitation sent by Irina Sopas, President of the Royal Cabinet of the Kingdom of Gastón, and becomes King adopting the name of Afonso II, as change of power takes place in the Kingdom. Serving from now on as Head of State of the Kingdom, His Majesty is expected to work close with Yaroslav Mar, President of the Federal Republic of Lostisland who received an appointment as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Gastón and will be in charge of the executive power as Head of Government.

The Kingdom of Gastón was created in 2005 as part of a novel by Irina Sopas, a famous Brazilian poetess and novelist born in Luanda, Angola. Being activated in June 2012 as a lusophone micronation, the Kingdom now possesses eleven active citizens and has territorial claims over land pieces in Europe and South America, as well as over two geofictional units.

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